Steps to follow if your iqama is damaged
Steps to follow if your iqama is damaged

Iqama, ID, Muqeem Card is what you need all the to be within your pocket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you are a newbie in Saudi Arabia and wanna know about what iQAMA and how it works click here. This is to be remembered always to keep at least one copy of your Muqeem card with you in KSA in order to roam here and there.


As in our previous article that what to do if you have lost or your Iqama has been stolen by someone in the Kingdom. We will now explain what to do if your Muqeem Card gets damaged and you wanna renew. If you caught by the police and the ID Iqama is damaged you might get fine. You should have then applied to renew the Muqeem Card in order to roam with a proper iD Card in Saudi Arabia.


Steps to follow if your iqama is damaged

All you need is some time and an Iqama submission form with stamp and sign of your Sponsor the Kafeel. Also Two photographs passport sizes and your Damages Muqeem Iqama Card as well.

  1. Contact your HR Department in your Company to fill out the form for you. The Iqama submission form. All the documents should be together with your a Kafeel sponsor signature and stamp.
  2. Do a check for your Traffic violation as well.
  3. Check if you have a validity on your iqama for one year and must pay based on validity.
  4. Also, check if someone in from of Jawazat offices can help you with all of that procedures.
  5. Thus provide all the docs to the Jawazat office there at the counter and take out the print of your iqama renewal. That’s it.


Feel free to comment for more or if you have still had any confusion. We will get back to you shortly to help you.

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