Transfer Sponsorship without Sponsor, Company & Kafeel Approval KSA
Transfer Sponsorship without Sponsor, Company & Kafeel Approval KSA

Transfer Sponsorship without Sponsor, Company & Kafeel Approval

Transfer Sponsorship from one Kafeel, Company, sponsor to anther company, sponsorship, Kafeel and it is also called Naqal Kafala in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Labor made it possible for expatriates worker to transfer their sponsorship legally without Kafeel approval in KSA. Expatriates workers meet any of the followings terms.

Possibilities of Transfer Sponsorship for Expatriates workers meet any of the followings conditions.

Company Ntaqat Categories(Yellow or Red)

The very first condition you need to check the current company is in Yellow or Red categories of Sponsorship. The MOL Ministry of Labor allows all the expatriates to transfer their sponsorship to another Kafeel of Company without the approval of your current company or Sponsor.
If you want to check your current company, Nitaqat color category visits this post” Check Nitaqat Color Category Kafeel Employer Sponsor Company.”

Not Received Iqama With 3 Months:

The first responsibility of the company to provide Iqama to the new arrival expatriates within the three months in Saudi Arabia and their sponsor failed to provide them Muqeem or Iqama within three months. Then you can transfer your sponsorship without any approval of your current Kafeel or Company legally. Recommended Article: Nitaqat System Categories of Employer Kafeel or Companies KSA

Not Received Salary More than 3 Months:

If you are working with a company in Saudi Arabia and the current sponsor are unable to pay you more than three-month salaries. Then as Ministry of Labor, you have the right to transfer your sponsorship without your current company approval to another sponsor. Visit the following article for your information: Tanazul Transfer Procedure in Saudi Arabia.

New Expat Sponsor Category Red or Yellow:

When a new Expat come to KSA as the employee in a company, and his Sponsor or Kafeel is in Red or Yellow Category, Then you can transfer Sponsorship without company or sponsor approval, However, In this situation, you can contact with Labor Office.

Already Iqama or Muqeem Expired:

Those employees which their Muqeem or Iqama are expired before thirty days and their sponsor or Kafeel did not renew it, Then with the help of Labor office can transfer to the new company without Kafeel approval. To check your Iqama or Moqeem card Expiry date

Company Failed In Wage Protection System:

When the company failed in Wage Protection System of Labor Ministry, the employees of those can transfer their sponsorship to new sponsors.

With the above terms or conditions, the MOL Ministry of Labor gives permission to the employees for Sponsorship Transfer to any individual Sponsor, Company. But if your current company is under Green Nitaqat category then you are unable to transfer your sponsorship with your Kafeel or Company approval. Recommended Post article.

Sponsorship Transfer is not possible if you meet any of the following Conditions.

Ministry of Labor MOI Refuse:

If Ministry of Labor(MOL) refuse, to approve your transfer of sponsorship, then you’re unable to transfer sponsor to any other individual.

Anyone has Traffic violation:

If you have or your new Kafeel has any traffic violation. Then the transfer is not possible. To check your Traffic Violation

Passport Expired:

If you want to transfer your sponsorship and your passport expired. So in this condition, you can not transfer your sponsorship.

In a case of Valid Visa:

If you have valid visas like exit re-entry visa or final exit visa, then you can not transfer your sponsorship.

Your Status Under Huroob:

If you are working in the company, runaway during the work and your Iqama status showing under Huroob. To your Huroob status by visiting this recommended article. To Check Huroob status In KSA

Unable to Pay sponsorship services:

If you are unable to pay the due payment for the transfer sponsorship services.