New Saudi Visit Visa Fee Nationality Wise Entry The Kingdom
New Saudi Visit Visa Fee Nationality Wise Entry The Kingdom

New Saudi Visit Visa Fee as per Nationalities:

The new visit visa fee in Saudi Arabia is not similar for all countries of the world. Family visit visa cost after revised increase visa fee Saudi Arabia. The new visit visa fee upon Nationality wise to enter into KSA. At least visit visa charges for Turkey nationality, then Schengen countries, after these then the USA and British nationalities, apart from these four nationalities the other countries will cost SAR 2000 for single entry visa.

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USA(United States of America):

New Saudi visit Visa charge for (USA) United States of America Nationality or passport holder peoples for coming into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is SAR 400 for 5 years multiple entry visas. Whether it is multiple entries or single entry of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, Five years. The cost of visit visa is SAR 400 only.

British Nationals:

All those peoples who are British nationality or passport holder can visit into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Visit visa of SAR 510 with the single entry or six months multiple entries.
With multiple entries with visit visa fee will be SAR 1950 for one year or two years in Saudi Arabia.

New Saudi Visit Visa Fee Nationality Wise Entry The Kingdom

Nationalty Entry Validity 6 Months 1 Year 2 Year
Single Entry Multiple Entry Multiple Entry Multiple Entry
U.S.A(Multiple Entry for five years                  400                  400                    400                     400
British                  510                   510                1,950                 1,950
Schengen Countries                  250                      250                    250                     250
Turkey                  225                      225                5,000                 8,000
Other Nationalities               2,000                  3,000                5,000                 8,000

Schengen Countries

All those people who are Schengen Countries Nationality or passport holder the cost of the new visit visa for Saudi Arabia will be SAR 250. Whether the visit visa for single-entry or multiple entry visas for six months or one-year multiple entries or two years multiple entry visas in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Name of the Schengen Countries

Those Countries which are under the Schengen agreement including 26 countries. Those are Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Malta, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Hungary, Iceland, Greece, France, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria

Visit Visa for Turkey Nationals

The new Saudi Visit visa fee for Turkey citizens to entering into the Kingdom is SAR 225 for single entry or six months multiple entries.

Visit visa for multiple entries of one year charge will be SAR 5000 and cost for multiple entries for two years will be 8000.

Visit Visa Fee for Other Nationals

The New Saudi visit visa fee for the other countries citizens except the countries mentioned above will be different from them.

The other Nationality or passport holder will be paying SAR 2000, For the single entry, for multiple entries will be paying SAR 3000, multiples entries for one-year will be paying SAR 5000, and multiple entries for two years will paying SAR 8000 Recommended: List of visa’s applicable for the new fee.

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