Contact and Registration With Pakistan Embassy Consulate KSA

Saudi Arabia granted three months time for all illegal residents to legalize their position or return to the home country from the KSA without penalties. The procedure of Booking Appointment during 90 days amnesty period from MOI.

The nation without violations campaign giving flexibility and easy exit for all illegal stay to prepare themselves and contact with their home country embassy to exit the Kingdom or correct their status

Excellent Opportunity For illegal Expats

The great opportunity for criminal violators and Expat to return home from Saudi Arabia within 90 days of the period. Everybody must take advantage of this duration from 29 March-2017 till 27-June-2017. To clear their enormous penalties and illegal status

Illegal Expatriates Without Documents

Illegal worker visa violators with Muqeem or Iqama expiry and run away from the companies Foreigner who is reported as Huroob will also have benefits in this three months time, Inform your Embassy or Consulate from now So that they can tell you the procedure.

Arrangement Pak Consulate General

To deport all the illegal Pakistani with the proper procedure from the Kingdom. The Consulate General in Jeddah in KSA has made the agreement with the Govt of Saudi to help Pakistanis sent then into the country without proper documentation to return to the country without any Penalty.

Advantage of Amnesty Scheme

According to one of the newspaper the Consul General Shehryar Akbar Khan emphasis members of the Pakistani expatriates residing in KSA illegally to take the benefit of the grace period scheme.

Furthermore, Khan mentions that all the arrangements with Saudi Govt had been made to facilitate those who want to avail the grace period scheme.

Embassy Contact and Email Address

Email Address: 

Mobile No.                  00966-533783663

WhatsApp.                  00966-533783663

Official Website:

Contact As per Below Number

The Embassy of Pakistan has appointed leading persons for the facilitation and guidance in far distance areas of the KSA. Some of the people have obtained exit in the cities of Riyadh, Dammam, and Hail

Contacts With Area Wise
  1. Al-Khobar and Dammam Regions                                                                                Raja Imran Mobil Contact No. 0505157638 &  0598926099                                       Rana Saghir Ahmad, Mobil Contact No. 0509093023  and 0598800113
  2. Al-Qasim and Buradia Regions
    Waqas Khan, Mobile Contact No: 0580024588
    Bakhtair Khan, Mobile Contact No: 0580024599
  3. TabukRegion
    Amin Chatrali, Mobile Contact No: 0507040667
    Mujahid Amin, Mobile Contact No: 0554346898
  4. Asir Region
    Muhammad Ramzan, Mobile 0595902723
  5. Hail Region
    Afzal Qamar, Mobile 0507861234
  6. Al HasaRegion
    Chaudhry Muhammad Saeed, Mobile 0504938207
  7. Jubail Region

Abdul Qadir, Mobile: 0582880700 and 0555714516

The helpline of Consulate

The Embassy has arranged a dedicated reception desk and Nominated helpline contact number of Consulate in Jeddah: 0544726574 & 0126644240 Which the Pakistanis expat in Saudi Arabia can contact for the assistance with Consulate

 Registration Form

The Consulate issue a registration form, which mention all the required information. You need to fill out all the requisite information in the registration form before to submit for further process to the consulate.

Amnesty Form for Pakistanis
Amnesty Form for Pakistanis

How to Get the Form

You can get the form from the online official Saudi Portal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. It also is available at the assistance desk of the Consulate General Office of Pakistan.

Click Here to download the Form

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