Process after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Coming Back to KSA
Process after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Coming Back to KSA

How to Come back Saudi Arabia After Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa  

To know the answer to the above question how to return to KSA after the expiration of exit re-entry visa of Saudi? If you want to come back to Saudi Arabia now, you have two condition or situations. Let to know about of these two situations following are one by one for your guidance and information.

Coming Back on the Same Visa

To check your Exit re-entry visa already expired you are unable to comeback KSA. However, there is still small in degree possibility to come back Suadi, if your company want you to return, the sponsor should make confirm if your Muqeem or Iqama resident card is valid? If in case your ID card is already expired, the company have no chance to bring you come back.  If your Muqeem or Iqama card is not yet expired, the company have the opportunity to bring you return Suadi with in seven months of your expired exit re-entry visa time. If you finished already seven months after the validity date, then there is no possibility of coming back to KSA on Same Visa. Recommend: How To Check Exit/Re-Entry Visa Validity Status Online in Saudi Arabia

Procedure With 7 Months

Once your Kafeel confirm your expired Exit/Re-Entry visa not yet completed seven months of time, then he can bring you on the following procedure

  1. Visit the Jawazat Office
  2. Fill the form
  3. Submit your documents
  4. Get the yellow slip from Jawazat

Coming Back on New Visa

When you check you, Exit Re-entry visa already expired and you are going to plan to return to Saudi Arabia with a new visa. According to Arab News, the Saudi Jawazat Office clarify that those foreigners get exit from KSA on valid exit re-entry visa and unable to coming back to enter on time will be banned for three years from re-entering into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After the expiration of exit re-entry visa is like you did violation according to Saudi law and you want to come back on the new visa, there are three years banned according to Saudi Law, and penalty of SAR 10,000/- will be applied to you to come back.

Allow to Othe GCC Countries

In this situation you are allowed to other Gulf countries (GCC) except KSA, You can also com for Hajj or Umrah visa or visit Saudi Arabia Hajj or Umrah. IF you have wanted to leave KSA, You should take a final exit from your sponsor. Recommended: Check Hajj Eligibility Status and information

Two Year Bane on Final Exit

According to the Saudi Arabia already plan to implement two years ban on those expatriates leaves the region on final exit visa to provide opportunities for Jobs to Saudi citizens.

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