Take Exit Benefit during Amnesty For Return Home Country
Take Exit Benefit during Amnesty For Return Home Country


Steps and procedure to get the benefit and exit from Saudi Arabia during the 90 days Amnesty period or 90 days grace period of 2017 is June 27, 2017. All the illegal expatriates should leave the region of Saudi Arabia without any penalty or punishment, and any violator will face Huge and serve penalties after the grace or amnesty period.

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The expatriates should provide the following things to get the benefits of the Grace or Amnesty period to get exit benefit from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recommend Post: 90 Days amnesty benefits for residents in Saudi Arabia 

Necessary Documents for Taking Exit From Saudi in Amnesty or Grace Period

Legal or Valid Passport

If the Expatriate has a legal or valid passport the, he can directly submit documents for the exit visa from Saudi Arabia. Recommend Post: Registration FORM of Amnesty Scheme with Pakistani Embassy

Emergency Certificate Or Out Pass

In case if the Expat has no valid passport then he needs to provide the emergency Certificate or Out pass through his country Embassy or its help centers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How to Get Emergency Certificate?

To get the Emergency Certificate, the expat needs to fill Emergency Certificate from and should provide your Iqama copy or Border number or visa page, Passport copy and Photograph.

Free of Cost and Time of Issue

The Emergency Certificate will issue to the expat from Embassy, free of charge and it will take a time of five to seven days for releasing and your passport will cancel after issued EC. When you receive the (EC) Emergency Certificate, then you can apply for the exit visa.

Get Exit Visa from Saudi Arabia

The expat has a valid passport or Emergency certificate or Out pass apply for the exit visa.
Once gets the book an appointment in MOI Absher website in the Passport section and get reach to the designated Office location and get a print out a hard copy of Exit Visa from KSA. Recommend Post: Book Appointment during 90 days amnesty period from MOI

Location In Riyadh

Location of the designated office in Riyadh Old Jamaica Noora University, Gate No 8 for Women and Gate No. 7 for Men Malaz, Sitteen Road, Your Embassy Officials will also be available there to guide and help you out.

Get A Travel Ticket

Nobody is going to pay yours for return tickets to the home country. Everybody should pay their expenses to buy tickets.

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