No Expiry date on Iqama
No Expiry date on Iqama

There were rules that the Iqama issued by the Saudi Ministry of Interior MOI will be eligible to be used for 1 year. The maximum duration of the Iqama Card or Muqeem Card was just one single year. So of that, there were some rules to be followed if your iqama card has expired, you should have to renew on time. If not there is the penalty to be paid soon. If you don’t the penalty as well then the penalty fee will increase by 50 %.


Somewhere there in 2016, it was announced that there is no need to renew the iqama card or Muqeem card by every single year. But it would need to renew after 5 years, which is great news for expatriates. So of that, the new expiry duration date on the Iqama card will be 5 years. This strategy worked but for one year only.


As of now, the Jawazat announced that there won’t be any expiry date on the Iqama Card. And all of the new iqamas as this year will be released without any expiry date on it.

So what does it actually means? Is it like there won’t any expiry of the Iqama Card or Muqeem Card? No there is an expiry date of your Iqama no matter if it’s written on it or not. Here is how you can you iqama expiry date online with the help of MOI Ministry of Interior website.


Besides some other minor changes are made to iqama recently. That the labor card number has been removed from their iqamas. As per the rules, the labor iqama renewal will cost the employer SAR 2400/year.


There is no need to change your existing with the new one unless it is get expired. So don’t get confused with that. Feel free to comment for more or if you have still had any confusion.


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