New Increase in Iqama Fees Details
New Increase in Iqama Fees Details

An Iqama Card is a resident permit in Saudi Arabia. Iqama is also known as Muqeem Card. Every Muqeem Card or Iqama Card is getting expire right after one year. There should be the renewal of our resident permit on time if not you will have to the pay extra 500 SAR of penalty. But this time the Iqama renewal might charge a little more. Newbies in the Kingdom can get the Iqama with the help of this guide.

Iqama Fees might be increased up to July by 2 %

It is not a good new for expatriates that the iqama might be increased in July 2017. As per the rumors, the new fees will be increased up to 2 % like 100 SAR. Previously in 2016 the month expats supposed to be paying 100 SAR per year and will increase until 2020.


But as per the rumors now it is revealed that the fees are going to increase by 2 % almost a 100 SAR. This is like expatriates should be paying extra 100 SAR every year for the Iqama renewal.


This is to remember to update or renew your Iqama Muqeem Card on time if not that there penalties that everyone must pay. The penalty amount fees after the expiry date are 500 SAR. If you don’t pay this on time you will have to extra 500 SAR.  To know more penalty click here.


Must check for your Iqama expiry date via Query Iqama Service on MOI website. Or you can check the query iqama expiry service directly from your smartphone using the MOI official application. There are lots of benefits of Iqama Muqeem card in Saudi Arabia.

Feel free to comment for more or if you have any confusion as of the above. We will get to you as quick as we can. If you do like post share it. Sharing is Caring.

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