Mobily Wajid Smart Package Prepaid with Details
Mobily Wajid Smart Package Prepaid with Details

Mobily provides the Wajid Smart package with some extra benefits for prepaid customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mobily Wajid Smart package with the best price and best tariffs in the Kingdom. With Mobily Smart Pack you will get extra internet and minutes for both Mobily and non-Mobily numbers. Let’s explore some of its benefits.

Wajid Smart Pack Price and Tariffs

The monthly fee of the pack is SAR 250 and provides local minutes and international best IDD rates.

Calls within Mobily Network

You will get 5000 minutes to all Mobily numbers. While calling to other networks like Zain, Friendi, STC will cost you if you have used your free minutes, the rate is 0.30/min.

Calling to other Networks

Calling to other networks isn’t a tension because you will get free minutes to another network as well. 500 free minutes will be provided to you for calling to Zain, STC, or Friendi numbers. After that, the rate is 0.30/min will be applied.

SMS to Mobily Network

You will get 5000 free SMS to all Mobily numbers. Remember after the usage of these free SMS will cost you the normal rates as 0.25/SMS.

SMS to other Numbers

Text message to outside the network for you will get 500 free SMS. If you are finished up with the free 500 SMS normal SMS rates may apply then as 0.25/SMS.

Internet data with the Smart pack

You will get 5 GB of internet Data on your prepaid Wajid smart package. Normal rate will apply after finishing this up as 0.30/minute.

Share your free resources

You can assign two of your Mobily number family or friends. So you can share your free minutes or SMS with them easily.

How to Share the Freebies:

Follow the below method as shown in the image to share your freebies with the assigned two numbers. Feel free to comment down for more if you still do have any confusion as of the above.

Share mobily wajid smart pack freebies
Share mobily Wajid smart pack freebies

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