Mobily Wajid plus Postpaid Package details KSA

Mobily introduced Wajid Plus package for all postpaid Mobily customers in Saudi Arabia. Mobily provides lots of new benefits with Wajid Plus for postpaid customers. With Mobily Wajid Plus pack you will get lots of free minutes and SMS. And one of the best things is you can share these minutes and SMS with you family members or friends whenever you want. The Wajid Plus is better than Wajid Classic. Let’s explore below what we have got in the new pack.

Mobily Wajid plus Postpaid Package details KSA


As it is a postpaid package to all customers, its monthly fee is SAR 150 and valid for 30 days.

Calls to Mobily Numbers

You will get 3000 minutes for only Mobily number. So you can use them or share them with you friends.

Calls to Other Networks

With Wajid Plus you will also get 200 free calling minutes for other local numbers like Zain, STC, and Friendi.

SMS to Mobily Number

After the activation of Wajid Plus pack. You will get 1000 SMS for local Mobily numbers only.

SMS to other Networks

You will get 200 free SMS for another local number like Zain, STC, Friendi. So you can use it within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Internet Data and International Calls

2 GB mobile data will be provided to you right after the activation. Also, there are best and lowest calling rates to call internationally (Calling rate is not confirmed).

Blackberry Service Users

A great offer for blackberry users in the Kingdom. The pack price for blackberry users is SAR 59.

WhatsApp and Rannan Service

One of the best thing in the package is that WhatsApp and Rannan services are totally free.

Charges after finishing free minutes, data and SMS

Whenever you are finished with your free calling minutes, SMS and Internet Data. Then check out the below rates.

Calls rate from Mobily to Mobily is SAR 0.30/minutes.

Calls rate from Mobily to other networks is SAR 0.30/minutes.

SMS rate for both Mobily and other local numbers is SAR 0.25/SMS.

The data rate per MB is 0.30/MB.


Check out the below chart for how to share freebies


Mobily Wajid plus Postpaid share free minutes with family or friends
Mobily Wajid plus Postpaid share free minutes with family or friends


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