Mobily New Wajid Classic package for Mobily postpaid customers to get the best tariff in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mobily is pleased to announce Wajid Classic Package to their postpaid customers. What’s new and what is what Mobily Wajid Classic pack is? Let’s explore it below what we have got.

Wajid Classic is another extension of Mobily main Wajid Pack. One of the best thing in the pack is that Blackberry users can get even more than enough. Blackberry users can get Wajid Classic by lowest rate of SAR 69. As for other postpaid customers, it is SAR 99.

Mobily Wajid Classic Pack Price and Tariffs

The package will cost you SAR 99 per month, and there are no hidden charges or extra fee. So you don’t have to worry of that. Let see calling, SMS and internet data usage rates below.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee for Wajid Classic pack is SAR 20. If you are using more than SAR 99 then there would be no monthly fee. Using more than SAR 99 will save your 20 SAR, and you won’t be charged SAR 20 as it is the monthly fee.

Calling rates to other Networks in KSA

Calling rates are different if you are calling to other networks like Zain, STC, or Friendi. You will be cost SAR 0.35/minute. But if you are have used more than SAR 99 then the rate is low as SAR 0.25/minute.

Calling rates within Mobily Network in KSA

There are lowest call rates as SAR 0.25/minute. But if you are have used more than SAR 99 then the rate is low as SAR 0.15/minute.

SMS rates of Mobily Wajid Classic Pack in KSA

SMS rate is quite the same as the call rate as it is 0.25 SAR per SMS. But more than the usage of SAR 99 then the rate is the lowest as 0.10 SAR per SMS.

Internet Data Usage Prices

SAR 0.30/MB will be charged if you are on Wajid Classic Pack. No matter if you have used more than SAR 99 the rate is the same as 0.30/MB.

You can get more information about this packages by calling 1100 Call center. Feel free to comment on more or if you still do have any confusion of the above.

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