Jawazat SMS warning alert of 90 days amnesty period Saudi Arabia
Jawazat SMS warning alert of 90 days amnesty period Saudi Arabia

Mostly mobile user is receiving SMS from GDP General directorate of Passport Jawazat. The warning SMS including the message for illegal expatriates to get the benefit of amnesty period of 90 days to avoid penalty.

Refer to the previous helpful posts related to the 90 days illegal stay in Saudi Arabia and residents grace period of to get the benefit. And complete procedure to exit from the Kingdom. Furthermore learn here how to get an appointment from Jawazat MOI portal for the processing to exit.

Jawazat SMS Message of Amnesty period in Arabic

Below quoted message in Arabic language statement for illegal expatriates in the Kingdom to get the benefit. Otherwise and after the 90 days period, it will be subject to huge penalty, fines, and deportation. Furthermore, deportation will include the ban from the Kingdom after 90 days amnesty period.

Pass the same message if you are aware of any illegal resident near you to get benefit during the same period.

بقاء الوافد المخالف في البلاد بعد انتهاء المهلة المحددة يعرضه لعقوبة الغرامة والترحيل والمنع من دخول المملكة ، وعليه أن يبادر بالمغادرة خلال مدة لا تتجاوز ( 90 ) يوماً اعتباراً من تاريخ بداية  المهلة لتفادي تلك العقوبات .
( وطن بلا مخالف )

Jawazat SMS Message of Amnesty period in English

If the illegal expatriate stayed in the country after the end of the amnesty period, he/ she will be subjected to fines, deportation, and ban of return to the Kingdom. To avoid such penalties, the illegal expatriate shall leave the Kingdom within (90) days as of the date of the amnesty period.
( A nation without illegal expatriates )

Jawazat SMS Message
Jawazat SMS Message

Procedure and documents to process during Amnesty Period

  1. Valid Passport or Out pass. If you don’t have validity in your passport or in case passport in missing then contact first to your embassy. Your country embassy would help to get the new passport or provide temporary outpass.
  2. Exit Visa to get from Jawazat, providing the valid passport copy or out pass. To get the exit visa, you will need to get the appointment first.
  3. Air Ticket is residents responsibility and you need to keep backup payment for the Air ticket to purchase after the Exit visa receiving from MOI JAWAZAT.