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Detail process how to apply for family visit visa and fill the application form online from MOFA visa services. Family visit visa online request for the family members such as wife, son, and daughter. More family members can also to request for visiting such as father, mother, brother, sister, uncle and grandparents.

Family Visit Visa detail procedure step by step. 

Below steps to follow for requesting visit visa.

Step 1: Open the browser and go to Saudi MOFA Visa website then choose English

Going to the MOFA website page and then select the English language from top right corner. electronic Visa English electronic Visa English

Step 2: Select the Individuals Visa Section

Follow the individual section to move on for Visa request using E-services and electronic visa application form to fill. Organizations section can be utilized only by private companies and for other visa applications such Hajj and Umrah. Here to follow the Individuals Section.


Visa services Individuals section
Visa services Individuals section

Step 3: Electronic Services for Residents Section

Click on the Resident who is for the inhabitants holding Iqama and Muqeem card. Citizen section only for Saudi national and other section if you are not on the permanent visa or not holding any permanent residency.

Residents visa electronic services
Residents visa electronic services


Step 4: Family Visit Visa Application

Click on the Family visit visa application to open the electronic forms for residents holding iqama to start filling family visit form. Such as Wife and kids.

Other options including the followings:

  1. Re-Entry visa extension application: allowing for residents to get an extension of re-entry visa for the family including wife and children. The option to use only if the Visa already expired.
  2. Residence Visa Application the families of diplomatic mission employees: Only for diplomatic employees to request for their families holding the normal passport.
  3. Work Visa application for Diplomatic Mission employees: to use for the mission of diplomacies for working under their sponsorship such as Embassy in Saudi Arabia.
Family visit visa application
Family visit visa application

Step 5: Request for a Family Visit Visa

Requesting for visit visa of family need to follow and fill the followings five sections to complete the E-service visa application form.

  1. Accepting the pledge (الموافقة على التعهد)
  2. Entry of Personal data as sponsor (البيانات الشخصية)
  3. Entry of Employer Data (your sponsor) (بيانات جهة العمل)
  4. Visitor Data (Passport details) (بيانات الزوار)
  5. The purpose of visit. (عرض الطلب)


Step 6: Accepting the pledge For family visit visa (الموافقة على التعهد)

Before filling the form the MOFA is requesting to accept the pledge to agree on the followings as quoted.

أتعهد بتدوين جميع بياناتي بالشكل الصحيح من واقع رخصة الإقامة وتدوين بيانات المطلوب للزيارة من واقع جواز سفره وأتعهد بتوفير السكن العائلي المناسب والتأمين الطبي ومغادرة الشخص المطلوب للزيارة قبل إنتهاء مدة الإقامة المحددة في تأشيرة الدخول وان يكون طيلة مدة إقامته في المملكة خاضعاً للأنظمة والقوانين المرعية وأن الغرض من الطلب هو للزيارة للعائلية فقط وليس لأداء الحج أو العمرة وأتحمل كامل المسئولية إذا ثبت خلاف ذلك. كما أفوض وزارة الخارجية السعودية بالاطلاع على سجل بياناتي في المملكة.

Translation in English of the Pledge for the visa:

I pledge to write down all my data correctly from the reality of residence permit and registration of data required for the visit from the reality of his passport and promise to provide appropriate family housing, medical insurance and leave needed to visit the person ends length of stay specified in the visa before and that will be for the duration of his stay in the Kingdom is subject to the laws and regulations in force and that the purpose the request is for a visit to the family only, and not to perform the Hajj or Umrah and take full responsibility if it is proven otherwise. Saudi Foreign Ministry also authorizes access to the log Me in the Kingdom.

Image from MOFA Visa page:


Family visit visa agree terms
Family visit visa agree on terms

Step 7: Entry of Personal data as sponsor (البيانات الشخصية)


The steps to follow by entering the requires information as the list below.

  1. Enter Iqama number as shown below screenshot. (رقم الإقامة) and it will be 10 digit numbers (يتكون رقم الهوية الوطنية من 10 أرقام)
  2. The expiry date of resident permit / Iqama / Muqeem in Hijri date and to be in this format dd/mm/yyyy.
  3. Entry Visa number (رقم تأشيرة الدخول) to enter from the work visa as the stamp on your passport.

Note: فضلا تدوين التاريخ الفعلي لانتهاء صلاحية الاقامه من مواقع (نظامي مقيم أو أبشر) وليس التاريخ المطبوع على بطاقة هوية المقيم As shown in below screenshot, the notes with Iqama expiry date. You can get from MOI Absher to know the Iqama expiry date if you are issued with Muqeem card which showing no expiry date. Or follow this link Check Iqama Expiry via Query Iqama Expiry Service for more instructions.

Visa Form Iqama number and visa entry number
Visa Form Iqama number and visa entry number

Step 8: Entry of Employer Data (your sponsor) (بيانات جهة العمل)

In this step, user needs to his own information as a sponsor.

  1. Entry of complete name as of Iqama in section اسم صاحب الطلب.
  2. Enter the profession same Iqama profession in Arabic المهنة.
  3. Current address in Saudi Arabia such as area name and street name العنوان.
  4. Date of Birth as of Passport and Iqama (should be the same).
  5. Current work area in Saudi Arabia اسم صاحب العمل.
  6. Nationality to select from the list as of passport الجنسية.
  7. Provide Email Address.
  8. Provide the current mobile number starting from 00966 الجوال.
  9. Commercial registration number to check with HR of taking it from the visa page رقم السجل.
  10. Click the button as indicating with the arrow in below screenshot to proceed next.
Personal information
Personal information

بيانات الزوام

Step 9: Visitor purpose and duration (بيانات الزوام)

In the section, it needs to provide the visitor purpose and duration of stay in Saudi Arabia. Such as the purpose of visit to define and the number of visits with duration.

  1. الغرض من الزيارة to enter the purpose of visiting the Kingdom. Such as family visiting type as زيارة عائلية.
  2. To define the stay in the number of days such as 90 days مدة الاقامة باليوم.
  3. Number of entries to define as سفرة واحدة for the single entry.
  4. The number of days the visitor will stay in Saudi Arabia عدد مرات الدخول. Same to entry as 90 days, 30 days or 60 days.
  5. Click on the إضافة button for entering visitor information.


visa duration and visitor information
visa duration and visitor information

Step 10: Visitor details and information as of Passport

  1. Enter the name of the visitor according to the passport details.
  2. Define the religion from selected list, Muslim or Non-Muslim.
  3. Visitor male or female.
  4. Relation with visitors such as Sister, daughter, son, wife, father and mother.
  5. Visa office selection in your country such as Saudi embassy city name.
  6. The nationality of Visitor.
  7. Date of birth similar as visitor passport copy.
  8. Click on the إضافة button to add the visitor details.
visitor info entry
visitor info entry


Step 11: Submit Visa Application form (تسجيل الطلب)

Enter the security number as shown in below screenshot and click on the button indicating with arrow تسجيل الطلب, click on the button to request and submit Visa application to the MOFA.

Request Visa
Request Visa

Step 12: Visa Application ready to print

Below screenshot showing the Visa Application for with Visa request number and date. Now you need to print the visa application and sign left side by yourself. And right side by your sponsor / Kafeel to with Stamp to be ready for signing in from Saudi Chamber of Commerce for authentication.


Visa Application form
Visa Application form