Getting Single Status Certificate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Getting Single Status Certificate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Single Status Certificate

Let’s you know about the procedure for the getting Single Status Certificate, of getting single status in Saudi Arabia, and it is also recognized “Certificate of no impediment.” ” No Marriage affidavit.”
That you have the optioned to marry. Abroad marriage authorities often ask additional proof to determine that the applicant is single and free to marry.
Those kinds of evidence can be a confirmation from the Registry of Births, Marriages & Deaths declaration that there is no record available for the person already married and still single.

Single Status Certificate
Single Status Certificate


It is very necessary as an expat in Saudi Arabia to getting marry required to show a proper certification from his country which proof his single status and that he is free to marry. It is also known as a Certification of no Impediment or Certificate of Freedom to Marry.


Using of an affidavit as an applicant, you make sure as who you claim to be. The letter asserts or single Status affidavit that you are free to marry amongst other aspects. Please remember that the affidavit or Single Status Letter is not a certificate from the government.

Instead, it is a letter from the person who takes an oath and is signed in the existence of a notary public.
An Interesting fact regarding this kind of certificate is many names are given. For example, it is also known by different names like as “single Status Certificates” “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage” or “Free-to-marry statement.”

Needed the Particular Information

  1. Full Name of Person
  2. ID Number of His Passport
  3. Nationality
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Place of Birth
  6. Declaration
  7. Date
  8. Signature of person who declares
  9. Signature of Witnesses

Procedure to Getting Single Status Certificate

It is proposed that you follow the rules which certain authorities consider compulsory. The Non-Saudi require special certification.

In the local office where the Marriage documents are created. So the couple should first produce a declaration in that office. The certificate must from that state where the couple resides in Saudi Arabia. In this statement, it will be written on that document that in the present year there is no marriage.

Necessary Steps to Get the Single Status Certificate

Some of the necessary steps for your guidance are below

  1. The person needs to visit the office of civil registry where the marriage is being registered.
  2. Provide all the related documents
  3. Duly fill the declare and Form
  4. Pay the Cost amount
  5. Required documents
  6. National Identity Card or Passport Address Proof

Decree absolute, in case, divorced,

In case, the person happened to be a widowed person. Then he need provide the wife’s Marriage Certificate, as well as death certificate,

Need to pay the required charges amount.

Office Locations & Address

Ministry of Justice Saudi Arabia
The Ministry Center: 4057777-011 R -b 7775 Zip 11427 Riyadh
E-mail address:

To know about more details information, you can also contact, with your own respective Embassy, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Address of Indian Embassy

Indian Embassy Address in Saudi Arabia
Diplomatic Quarter, B-1
Po Box No: 94387, Riyadh 11693,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Working Timing

Schedule from Sunday to Thursday, From 9:00 am to 5:30


Contact Number: 011-4884691/4884252/4884144/4884692
Fax No: 011-4884750

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