Follow these Steps if your Iqama is lost or Stolen
Follow these Steps if your Iqama is lost or Stolen

Iqama is everything for expatriates. Iqama or Muqeem Card is an identity document Card that should be always with you whenever you are roaming here and there in Saudi Arabia. If you have lost your Iqama or Stolen by someone in KSA Saudi Arabia.


Then there are some steps to followed immediately by it. If not and you are roaming here and there in KSA Saudi Arabia without Iqama then it’s risky. If you get caught by the police (Shurta) then you should pay 1000 SAR up to 3000 SAR. Also, they may get you out of the Kingdom.


This is facts that thing in your pockets can get stolen sometimes. And if you have your Iqama ID in your Pocket and it’s get stolen by some people out there. Then immediately you should get to the police or your Kafeel and inform them that what happened actually.


Steps that must be followed by lost or Stolen Iqama


Besides, there are a few steps that must be followed by lost or Stolen Iqama in Saudi Arabia KSA. Follow up the below suggestions.

  1. If you think your iqama is lost then must double check everything like your Office, other Workplaces, your cloth pockets, the Home, and almost everything. Didn’t found the ID IQAMA Muqeem Card? Follow the below step.
  2. Directly inform the Kafeel or Sponsor that your Iqama iD or Muqeem has been lost or stolen by someone in KSA. This is to Remember that you might need everything to be done within 24 hours. Great if you informed the Kafeel your Sponsor or higher authorities like police then you might not be penalized. Check here Iqama Expiry Penalties.
  3. After reporting and getting to the police station you will be asked with detailed that how you get lost or stolen your iqama by someone.
  4. You must have a letter from your company you are working in stating everything in it that what exactly happened.
  5. After doing all of the above you must visit the JAWAZAT OFFICES in KSA with the following Docs.


  • You Iqama or Muqeem Card Copy.
  • The original copy of your Passport.
  • Two Passport size photos.
  • A form of lost IQAMA from JAWAZAT office.
  • Police report Copy.
  • And the Fine Fees.


Once all the above docs are submitted and everything is done like fingerprinting, traffic violations checking. So after that, the Iqama renewal will begin.


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