Expatriates Medical Insurance Compulsory for Visa Stamping
Expatriates Medical Insurance Compulsory for Visa Stamping

Health Insurance is compulsory for all expatriates coming to Saudi Arabia on visit visas. The insurance cost payment before stamping the visit visa. The CHIC Cooperative Health Insurance announced on Wed, January 2015 following a meeting lead by the Minister of Health

According to his official statement “Those expats applying for visas to enter the KSA for a visit, in transit or an extension, as well as their dependents should show a valid insurance certificate for the cover of medical inside Saudi Arabia.

Visa Category Exempt

Guests, Diplomats, Foreign Mission visitors, Umrah and Pilgrims of Hajj are free from paying obligatory of Medical Insurance with visa.

Booking Appointment 

Open the Etimad website is already showing a message “MANDATORY MEDICAL INSURANCE” with them.

Mandatory of Medical Insurance
Mandatory of Medical Insurance

Due Payment of Health Insurance

For stamping of all type of visas, you need to pay SAR 950 (254$ US Dollar) for Health Insurance is compulsory for the process. It should pay even for transit visa of the passenger.

Rule of Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance rule was announced before one or two years, but it was not implemented till 2016. However, In the strat of 17th Oct 2016, all the visitors to KSA compulsory have medical Insurance certificate before coming to KSA.

Before Stamping Visa

The Medical Insurance will do before the process of visa stamping.

Requirements for Visa Application
Requirements for Visa Application

Medical Insurance Requirements

Payment of Medical Insurance

The Medical Insurance payment has pay along with Visa Fee 254$ US Dollars equal to SAR 950 and plus injection charges SAR 200.

Health Insurance Compulsory

Those who are applying for travelling visa to KSA has first to need to do the medical Insurance, and there was a clear notice from the Saudi Embassy the permit application will not accept for the process without the above specific insurance is not attach.

Enjaz Banking System Acceptable

This is also to notify that Saudi Embassy specify that no other type of Medical Insurance would be acceptable by the Saudi Embassy except the one issued by Enjaz Banking System

Approved only Specified Agency

Royal Saudi Embassy decides that the Insurance required is specified and the visa should issue by a specified agency will only accept.

Insurance Payment on Visit Visa

If you are going to apply for family visit visa, then you have to pay per passport in your home country is the following are

  1.  Medical Insurance Fee: SAR 950
  2. Per Passport Fee to Pay: SAR 2000
  3.  Some Other Administrative charges
  4. Expatriate Should pay to Fee around SAR 3200

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