Deactivate Zain Voice Mail Box services TURN OFF now
Deactivate Zain Voice Mail Box services TURN OFF now

Always the caller complaining if your phone is off which diverting to voice mailbox services. The Zain voice mail service collecting voice record from the caller in case the Zain number is off and not reachable. By default the service active from cellular redirecting the caller to record their message and let you notify via SMS.

Deactivate Zain Voice Mail Services now

To deactivate the Zain Voice Mail service and stop receiving voice messages just dial ##002# using phone keypad.

Flash message will show “Call Forwarding All Erasure was successful”. It means the voice message are stopping from now. If someone is calling you now and your phone line is not reachable then he/she will not redirect to the mail services.

Once you deactivate the Zain voice mail services then you need to turn on miss call notification. To let you notify via SMS in case someone tries to call you during your phone was not reachable or out of service. Follow the instruction below to turn on Zain miss call notification.

How to listen to voicemail box from Zain

To listen to all your voice mail box dial in keypad 1700 and follow the instruction to listen to all the voice messages.

Zain Missed Call Notification Turn on or Activate

To activate Zain missed call notification via SMS dial in keypad **62*1720#. You will receive the flash message “Call forwarding when not reachable Registration was successful“.

To deactivate or stop receiving missed call notification you need to dial 959 call center to request to Zain customer support to deactivate and end all call notification services.

Activate and deactivate DND Do not disturb service Zain

To activate: Send SMS message “DND” to 959.

To deactivate: Send SMS message “Stop DND” to 959.

Zain More Details information:

Balance Check, Internet data check. 

Zain 4G devices for internet use.