Check Visa Validity by using Passport Number

In a case of no Iqama number, visa number or any other facilities are not available to use public query e-services at the right time to check your visa validity status. Then you can check your visa validity status by passport number, online Ministry of Interior MOI Saudi Arabia.

This option will able you to check your visa validity status from your country in case you are not able to use other option like No Visa Paper or no copy of Iqama.

How to Check Visa Validity Status By Passport Number

Visit the Officially e-service website

To check the visa validity via Passport number through e-service website or you can follow the direct link and the first step to selecting the English language then click on the drop down list menu to choose the option as per the below image.

Select Passport Number

Once you visit e-service website officially in the query, you need to choose the Passport number option as shown in the screenshot.

Choose Passport Number
Choose Passport Number

Choosing Nationality Option

After selecting of passport number, you must choose this option the nationality.

Choose nationality option
Choose nationality option

Selecting the Name Option

Further, after the choosing of Nationality go to the drop down list the select your second option. The best choice is here to choose your name and which should be same as the passport number. If you want to choose the Iqama number option with no any information of date of expiry, here is recommended the article to guide demonstrating the use of online Public query Iqama expiry date from MOI.

Choose Name option
Choose Name option

Page of Visa Validity Status

After the completion of the above process, it will show you clearly all your visa information and your visa status of outside and inside KSA. Also, the date of expiry where you need to enter before the provided date.

Check with using Iqama number

Check your visa validity status with using Iqama number or Muqeem resident card number. Then choose an option same like mentioned in the previous procedure for to check the visa validity status. If you want to know about more detail of visa validity status to check with Iqama number, then visit the recommended article for you. Check Visa Validity Status with Iqama Number.

Check with Visa Number

The procedure of check Visa validity status of Exit Re-entry with visa number is same as above process. But the only option you need to choose the different value from the drop-down menu. Check Visa Validity by Visa Number.

Visa Issued via SMS ISHA’AR Print

The Ministry of Saudi Arabia facilitates their system with using SMS service know as Jawazat for quicker and fast than ever. Once received the SMS just bring your ticket with you to the airport and now no requirement for a hard copy of visa to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But Unluckily, when you’re coming back, maybe in your country Airport (Immigration) Authority, will ask you regarding the valid visa paper to permit you for flying. Therefore, you required to print out a copy from confirmation number received via SMS on your mobile. Click here to know the procedure of how to print out from the confirmation number via SMS.

Visa Validity service

The Saudi Jawazat office starts Visa Validity service with coordination of Muqeem and ELM department and supported by the Saudi Ministry of Interior.

The E-Service website is operating this service for the quick access query for display to print or to check the expiry date. You can access to print a hard copy of issued visa with confirmation # via SMS these services with coordination of Al-ELM and ISHA’AR powered by Jawazat Office

Requirements for Checking Visa Validity

The very first thing require is you need to select one of the below options is very significance without the following you are not able to query fro Visas information checking.

  1. Iqama Number
  2. Visas Number
  3. Passport Number

When choosing one of the above options, your next step will provide the second value option, i.e., Date of Birth or Expiry of Iqama.

If you don’t know the Iqama expiry date then and you know the Iqama number then check your Iqama expiry date by using the Public query Iqama expiry date, option, from Oline MOI website.

Unable to Get any Information from the Query

If you have no other choice or the query is not working to get the required information or displaying the old expired date one which means it is not you issued from the MOI Ministry of Interior, Suadi Arabia. And you already paid the required fee for issuing.

Then check on the other way check via public query available funds under your Iqama to see the payment is deducted or still there. Upon deduction means, You already used the service and successfully issued. Sometimes the sponsor does not follow the Saudization rule then the government bans their system.

You need to check you company Iqama category and Nitaqat status here. Check Nitaqat Color Category Kafeel Employer Sponsor Company

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