Change iqama Profession KSA
Change iqama Profession KSA

It happens many times with some new expatriates that their Iqama profession is different from their real one. This to remember that if your work is not as per the iqama profession. Then the Saudi Jawazat personals can anytime check and caught you. So there are some penalties and jail as well, be patient with that change your iqama profession as soon as possible.

We are here to guide you through the overall procedure that how to change the profession on your Iqama (Muqeem Card). The following steps should be taken in order to change the profession on your Muqeem Card.


Changing Iqama Profession

  1. You should have related documents as per your real profession. And the documents (Degree) should be attested in you desired country from a Saudi Arabian Embassy.
  2. The documents degree should have relevancy with real work, which will be needed to be written on your Iqama (Muqeem Card).
  3. In order to change the Muqeem Card Profession, you must pay SAR 1000.

Remember: Prison and Deportation for Fake degree

Important Notes

This is to be remembered that the request made for changing the profession on your Iqama can be rejected as well so don’t get a headache with that and re-apply with all the above. There must be possibilities of the following.

  • The violation in Saudi Arabia has been made by you. Like for example the (traffic violation) etc.
  • Higher authorities like MOI have the full rights to reject the Request (could be any reason).
  • Check for you Expiry Date and via Query Iqama service to confirm the expiry date.
  • Your visa type isn’t fulfilling the requirements to change the profession.
  • Somehow could be possibilities of documents miss matching.

 Keep all of the above and apply for the profession change on the Iqama. If you still have any confusion as of the above you can comment down. So we can help as quickly we can.


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  • arfaan khan

    I have house driver visa…can I change my iqama profession.

    • Pakrocks

      Yes, You can change your profession but depend if your sponsor have capability of keeping other profession than the driver.
      OR you can do transfer and change profession during transfer.

      • k. arfaan

        How can i do , what documents require….how much ots cost ….i am house driver visa ….domestic worker visa ….
        Please advise.

  • Amir Zeb

    Before i was having Mechanical engineer visa & SCE membership. Now my new visa is A/C technician. I want to change to Engineer, my SCE membership has been renewed but profession i need to change. online it cannot be changed nowadays. Can you guide me for this please