Exit Reentry Visa online Procedure steps Saudi Arabia
Exit Reentry Visa online Procedure steps Saudi Arabia

The process to learn how to cancel exit reentry visa online from MOI Absher. The steps to follow for family visa and dependants. There is visa cancellation visa for exit reentry payment services will not return to you. Below guidance with each case and manually canceling the exit reentry visa from Jawazat office.

Cancel Exit Re-entry visa online MOI Absher

Follow the steps to cancel exit reentry visa online from MOI Absher. Step 1 to sign in the Absher account, Step 2 to find the dependent and step 3 to cancel and confirm the visa cancellation.

Step 1: Sign in to MOI Absher online

Make sure you have MOI Absher account and already active running account. If you don’t have MOI Absher account, try learning from here how to register for the new account in Absher. And further activation method here.

If you don’t know how to log in, learn here in details for logging in to MOI Absher account.

Step 2: Go to Dependents Services from Dashboard

  1. Click on the “My Dashboard” to see the electronic services.
  2. Then click on the MORE DETAIL under the dependents services.
  3. Find the dependants from the available list to see more details.


My Dashboard Dependant Details Absher
My Dashboard Dependent Details Absher


Step 3: Cancel Exit Reentry active visa

From dependent page scroll down and click on the “Cancel Visa” Button.

Cancel Visa
Cancel Visa

Info confirmation showing visa details and confirmation. Click on “Confirm” button to cancel the visa.

Visa Cancel Confirm
Visa Cancel Confirm

Why cancel exit reentry visa if not traveling

If you are planning to cancel your trip outside Saudi Arabia then you must cancel the exit reentry visa to avoid penalty.

Exit Reentry visa penalty.

After issuing exit reentry visa, if the services not using then following penalties will be applied in each case.

  1. The first time penalty is 1,000 SAR.
  2. The second time penalty is 2,000 SAR.
  3. The third time penalty is 3,000 SAR.

Canceling Exit Reentry under employer

If you are going to cancel your vacation, you will need to request HR officer of Kafeel cancel from their system. Since you are not entitled to do your own exit reentry visa from Absher system.

Cancel exit Reentry visa from Jawazat office Manually

If you don’t have access to the Absher system, then visit Jawazat office. Request for the cancellation of Exit Reentry of any dependent or family member.

Charges/fee of exit reentry visa cancellation.

There is no extra fee or any charges for visa cancellation. Visa cancellation is free and the services amount will not refund to you.

Exit re-entry visa fee refund.

Once you issue the visa, it’s mean you used the services from MOI Absher. Either you entertain the service while existing from KSA or stay or cancellation will not refund any amount to your account back.

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